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The JADA semi-annual newsletter is prepared as a means to keep the public informed of updates and on-going development of the two industrial parks located within the former Joliet Arsenal.

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JADA gets 10 more years
Joliet authority will continue to develop land
March 11, 2010
By KIM SMITH ksmith@stmedianetwork.com

JOLIET -- JADA members will stay on the job creating jobs for another 10 years -- and get more help doing so.

"We have been given an additional 10 years to accomplish our mission," said Rick Kwasneski, executive director of the Joliet Arsenal Development Authority.

Read the full release.


Election of Officers

On January 15, 2010, the Joliet Arsenal Development Authority held its annual board meeting, during which, the election of officers took place. Walter Strawn, Chairman; Wayne McMillan, Vice-Chairman; and Mattie Becker, Secretary all were elected to retain their positions. Jay Plese, a new addition to the officers, was nominated and elected to hold the position of Treasurer.

Walter Strawn has been on the JADA board since its inception in 1995, and has served as Chairman since 1998. He served as a Trustee of the Village of Elwood from 1999-2008, and was appointed to serve as interim Village President from September 2008 to May 2009.

Wayne McMillan, who will serve his fifth consecutive year as Vice-Chairman, has been on the JADA board since 2001. Wayne formerly held a seat as the District #4 Will County Board Member from 2000 to 2009, lastly serving as Majority Leader. He was the Vice President/Investment Banker for Wells Fargo, until his retirement in December 2009.

Mattie Becker is the Secretary of the Joliet Arsenal Development Authority and has been on the JADA Board since its inception in 1995. Mattie has held many positions while serving on the Joliet Arsenal Development Authority Board; beginning as Chairperson in 1997, Treasurer from 1999 through 2009, and currently the Secretary, a position she’s held since 1998. She has been the Manhattan Village Clerk since 1993, and also works as the Administrative Assistant within the Manhattan Police Department.

Jay Plese was appointed to the Joliet Arsenal Development Authority Board in January 2003, and was elected by the Board of Directors to serve as the Treasurer in January 2010. He is the Superintendent of Wilmington Community Unit School District No. 209-U. He previously served two terms as a Wilmington City Council Member, and continues to serve on a number of committees and boards at the local, county, and state levels.


ADC Conference

The Association of Defense Communities (ADC) Winter Forum focused on special topics or issues facing communities, the military, and the private sector. This year Albuquerque, NM was the host site for the Winter Forum that began on February 22, 2010. Executive Director Rick Kwasneski and Vice-Chairman Wayne McMillan attended numerous meetings and conference sessions, which allowed them to network with military personnel, developers, and other LRA’s from around the country.


TMJ Feasibility Study

The TMA Feasibility Study continues to move forward. Meetings of the Study Oversight Committee (SOC) and the Feasibility Study Group (FSG) have taken place over the last 5 months. The SOC met to discuss and structure the course of the study with common purpose and direction. The FSG, which is compiled of the SOC and other stakeholders, met to discuss the possible creation of the TMA and what it can do for the area.

A questionnaire was developed and available on the JADA website for stakeholders within the study area. This survey offered stakeholders an opportunity to provide information as to what they feel may impact the area. All of the survey information has been gathered and will be a part of the final study documents. A draft report of the Feasibility Study is expected soon, and the completion is anticipated at the end of April.


South Arsenal Logistics Center

The 775-acre site that was previously ProLogis Park Arsenal has been divided. ProLogis Park Arsenal now consists of 189 acres. The remaining 582 acres is now called the South Arsenal Logistics Center, which is an industrial park that can accommodate 6.7 million square feet. The South Arsenal Logistics Center property is being marketed by NAI Hiffman, and both JADA and NAI Hiffman are in the process of presenting the opportunity to development and investment communities.


CenterPoint Intermodal Center

Development continues at CIC Elwood, and it also brings change. In September 2009, NFI signed a two-year lease for 93,000 square feet (of the 213,997 sq. ft. facility) within the CIC. NFI will occupy the building that previously housed California Cartage. NFI is a third-party-logistics provider, who is also a partner in the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) SmartWay program. The program is dedicated to increasing energy efficiency and reducing the impact of the freight industry upon the environment.

Other changes in names have taken place; however, the operations within the warehouse remain the same. Potlatch has created Clearwater Paper, a spin-off company that will occupy its former space within CIC Elwood. Clearwater Paper will continue tissue converting, as Potlatch did at the facility. Clearwater’s Consumer Products Division supplies more than half of the grocery chain, store-brand bathroom tissue, paper towels, facial tissue, and napkins within the United States. In addition to the Elwood, IL facility, Clearwater Paper manufactures tissue products at two other locations; Lewiston, Idaho, and Las Vegas, Nevada; and Elwood, Illinois.

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